Thoughts on Constitutional Care

Thoughts on Constitutional Care

There are many people who have a strong draw to a certain kind of work or have a clear sense of their "purpose" -- a unique strength they have to offer to their loved ones, their larger communities, and the world. And there are others whose only experience is in doing the things that they believe they should. In either case, most of us often find that the state we're in or the circumstances in which we find ourselves are very different from the where we wish we were, the what we'd like to be doing, or the "who" we have an inkling we're meant to be.

Healing through homeopathy is like peeling back layer after layer of the stuff that we've held on to to protect ourselves, or to make sense of the world after an injury or an injustice; the stuff that covers over the very brightest expression of who we are and what we have to offer.

How would you be living if you were truly unencumbered? How would you relate to people and engage with the world if you felt joyful, confident, and at ease?

I had the wonderful blessing of growing up with homeopathy as my main source of health care, and therefore have had a lot of experience with the change my own system can manifest when its galvanized in the right way.  Lasting symptoms that I swear I'd never find relief from, feelings or patterns of thinking that were so entrenched that I couldn't extricate myself from them despite my best efforts, chronic or recurrent pains from old injuries... simply dissolve after a good remedy.  At times as if they were never their in the first place.

It is a freeing, a lightening, and I wish that sort of healing for everyone. All the time. Forever and ever.

With Love,