We believe that a strong sense of purpose, freedom, 
and well-being is the birthright of each of us.


Homeopathy engages the innate healing mechanisms within an individual, gently restoring balance and health.  This is accomplished by using inexpensive, side-effect free remedies made from natural substances.  The practice of homeopathy is a blend of art and science, knowledge and perception, and can be as rewarding
for the practitioner as it is to the client.



Maine's only homeopathic training program offers this life-changing education in an intimate setting. Our comprehensive curriculum suits a wide range of students, from those who want to treat their families at home, to those seeking certification as a professional Homeopathic Practitioner.

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The focus at Baylight is both classical and innovative. With foundations in this 200-year old medical art, we blend modern medical sciences with evolving theories of practice and discovery of new medicines. This unique approach stimulates the self-healing process for optimal well-being.

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