The human organism is a complex, intelligent system,
and is artfully designed to thrive.


At Baylight Center for Homeopathy, we acknowledge that the most deeply-acting, life-changing therapies work by catalyzing an inherent healing capacity, rather than by masking symptoms. We provide homeopathic treatment for clients interested in recovering and maintaining vibrant health. We also offer a life-changing curriculum for those driven to serve others through a dynamic, rewarding practice in this growing field.



Our homeopathic training program offers a life-changing education in an intimate setting. Our comprehensive curriculum suits a wide range of students, from those who want to treat their families at home, to those seeking certification as a
professional homeopathic practitioner.

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The focus at Baylight is both classical and innovative. With foundations in Hahnemann's teachings of this 200-year old medical art, we blend modern medical sciences with
evolving theories of homeopathic practice and
discovery of new medicines.

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