Karen Alfano: Alumni Spotlight

How did you first become interested in homeopathy?

KA: My daughter was diagnosed with Lyme Disease while in high school. She was treated allopathically with no success. A friend of mine suggested I take my daughter to see a homeopath. I never heard of homeopathy prior to this but was desperate to help my daughter. I saw how the homeopath treated her and cured her. I began to see the homeopath myself, not for anything specific, but I had a feeling that she could make me a stronger, more confident individual, and she did. Years later while conversing with a professional, the following comment was made to me, “Karen. You could be a homeopath.” The light went on. That was it. This is what I had been waiting for. My calling. I found Baylight and began my studies. It has been a beautiful journey, a life changer, a blessing.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

KA: Right now, while I continue to care for the elderly with dementia, I maintain a small private practice. Eventually I will leave nursing behind and grow my practice to that I may help as many people as I can. I have even entertained the idea of teaching Acute Homeopathy to bring this field of knowledge to those who are seeking an alternative to and/or an addition to allopathic treatment.

What is homeopathy to you?

KA: Homeopathy to me is my real love. It is God’s gift to those of us who seek and hear the truth without judgment. The relationship that a client and homeopath build is one that I have great reverence for, as it is built on trust, openness, and honesty. It is sacred.

What is your favorite thing you’ve learned with Baylight Homeopathy?

KA: Oh! What haven’t I learned at Baylight! Nancy Frederick has to be, by far, the most knowledgeable, deeply intuitive, compassionate homeopath there is. Her field of knowledge is beyond words and her ability to understand the human condition and to relay that information to her students is her gift to us. She is a remarkable human being.

What does health mean to you?

KA: A healthy individual, to me, means that one is emotionally and physically sound. If we were all to be treated as infants with homeopathy for our miasmic tendencies and our acute illnesses, then fed “real” wholesome, untainted foods, parented by and educated by elders who were brought up the same way………wow! 

Any advice for those new to homeopathy or those interested in pursuing a career in holistic medicine?

KA: Baylight School for Homeopathy is a superior quality homeopathic school. The classes are small, up close and personal, and everyone is valued. Those who go through the program and graduate are well educated homeopaths who can now make a significant contribution to humanity and help people heal. What a gift.

Do you keep a selection of homeopathic remedies at home?

KA: Absolutely. I have a 50 remedy kit of 30C from Hahnemann Laboratories, a kit from Washington Homeopathic of 100 30C remedies, Bengal Allen Homoeopathic Kit of 200C remedies, and The Complete Range of Bach Original Flower Remedies. I wouldn’t be without them and wish I had more.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

KA: I reside with my husband in Brownfield, ME. I am originally from Long Island, NY. I am a nurse and care for the elderly with Alzheimer’s and dementia. My interests are quite basic. I love my organic vegetable garden, I love preparing and eating “real” foods, and I enjoy the outdoors–kayaking, hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing.