Homeopathy Education FAQ Video

We’d like to welcome you to Baylight Center for Homeopathy. If you’re looking to pursue an education in homeopathic medicine this video will answer some commonly asked questions about how and why you should take the next step!

We’re excited to be starting up classes again this Fall, and encourage you to join us for the 2016-2017 school year. You’ll learn all about the growing field of homeopathy – a form holistic medicine that uses safe, effective, non-suppressive natural remedies for the treatment of acute and chronic illness. Whether you’re a first year student, on your way to becoming a certified practitioner, or a seasoned homeopath looking to enhance your practice, we have something for you.

2016-2017 Courses Offered

Homeopathic First Aid and Acute Care

This course meets one Saturday per month from 9-5 for 9 sessions, and is engaging, informative, and fun.  Great for parents looking for safe, effective treatment of common injuries and illness at home, as well as those looking to step into an exciting, rewarding professional field!

Homeopathic Practitioner course with Nancy Frederick, CCH, RSHom(NA)

A deep dive into the field of homeopathy, this engaging 500-hour course covers all required material and experience for those interested in becoming profession homeopaths.

Homeopathic Medical Sciences with Sarah Kotzur, N.D.

Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology & Lab Diagnosis for Homeopaths! This course satisfies the prerequisites for taking the CHC exam to become a certified homeopathic practitioner.

Contact us with any questions

info@baylighthomeopathy.com or 207.774.4244.