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Homeopathic Care for the Whole Family

Jane Frederick, our Director of Advancement, is a homeopathic consultant and leadership facilitator with a focus on helping clients recognize and foster the complimentary connections between health + purpose, vitality + presence. Jane has worked with individuals and groups considering the role of self awareness and internal leadership in healing, and is honored by the opportunity to share this work with others.

From a young age Jane has watched the incredible relief homeopathy can bring to those suffering from acute and chronic conditions, and the healthful, dynamic changes in families when one member is freed from what deeply ails them.  These dynamic changes are particularly evident in families with children suffering from behavioral or developmental issues or trauma.  For many parents, the health and well-being of their children is an all-consuming occupation, and a great deal of stress can be caused in the family when a young one is suffering.

Children tend to transform through homeopathic care even more quickly than their adult counterparts.  Like many holistic practitioners, Jane understands that the earlier we can begin to rework unhealthful patterns and release trauma, the more likely we are to grow into the happy, effective, unencumbered beings we were born to be.

What her clients are saying:

"I feel so grateful to have Jane Frederick as our family homeopath.  Jane is our go-to when issues (physical or emotional) arise with our children.  She is keenly perceptive and innately intuitive.  As a mother, she can empathize with the situations I describe about my children with care and compassion.  With Jane's guidance, wisdom and healing, I have seen very positive results in both my children using homeopathy." ~Ingrid, Holliston, MA

I saw Jane for a chronic UTI. Little did I know she would help me uncover its root emotional cause and support me in facing it! Jane’s gentle probing and non-judgmental energy created the safe space I needed for my “Aha” moment.  Her intellectual ability to piece together the huge amount of information I provided and her strong command of homeopathy allowed her to select the right remedy to facilitate my healing. She’s definitely my go-to girl in times of physical and psychological “dis - ease!” Thank you, Jane!  ~D. Harrington, Los Angelas, CA

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