The Attunement Introduction is a day spent learning about this healing modality, in addition to Attunement as a way of life. As a healing art, it embraces the idea that everything in nature is comprised of energy and has a vibrant energetic field that surrounds it. This field is an aspect of our anatomy, as are the body, mind, and heart systems with which we are more familiar. Many ailments persist because the energy field in which they are being held has not been allowed to balance. A few techniques will be offered throughout this day to teach each participant how to balance the field.

In this informational and experiential workshop, we will:

   - Explore the part of our anatomy that is invisible, the field that connects Spirit with Form
   - Learn how to share this radiant current with others through hands-on experience
   - Learn about the endocrine system, the energies associated with each gland, and their influence on our health and well-being
   - Develop a confidence of "being in this world but not of it”

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5-Month Attunement Practitioners Course

Attunement is an energetic practice which connects with the deeper patterns of Life in each of us. The 5 month practitioner training opens the door to the awareness and understanding of Attunement’s spiritual origins, explores techniques for practice, and connects with the Source of Life which nourishes and sustains us. At the core of our being is health, peace and a dynamic vitality. Please join us for a deepening of that awareness and the development of tools for integration of this practice into one’s daily life.

The course will explore the topics indicated:

Week 1 – Attitude of Gratitude

Week 2 – The One Law

Week 3 – Awareness of the Energies and Rhythms in Attunement

Week 4 – Pregnancy, Birth, Surgery, Long distance and Collaboration with other modalities

Week 5 – End of Life, Ethics, Your Practice, Practicum, Review all Protocols

A $50 deposit is required to reserve a space in the class. Enrollment is limited by space constraints.

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2019-20 Schedule: One weekend per month: Saturdays 9:30 – 5, Sundays 9 - 1

[[Dates & Location to be announced soon]]

Cost: Sliding scale $180- $225 per weekend