[Photo, from left: Melissa Holmes; Dr. Sarah Paton, ND; Kelly Callahan, CCH, RSHom; Nancy Frederick, CCH, RSHom, HMC; Molly Edelstein; Jane Frederick, CCH (Cand).]

Our History

Nancy Frederick, RSHom(NA), CCH, IHC, HMC began teaching homeopathy in the mid 1990’s to share this fascinating subject with the local community. Study groups formed, the word spread, and in 2005 there was enough interest in northern New England to warrant starting  a more formal educational program. With Louis Klein’s encouragement and mentorship, Nancy developed a curriculum and held the first classes in the living rooms of her bay-side home in South Portland, Maine. 

In 2013 the program gained new life and renewed vision when Nancy's daughter Jane came on after venturing into her own homeopathic education.  With a background in fine arts and a vivid entrepreneurial spirit, Jane enjoyed the process of creating an image for Baylight and a presence both online and in the community.  Dr. Sarah Paton, ND also joined the faculty, teaching the Medical Sciences component of the program.  In recent years the school has grown significantly, to include Kelly Callahan, CCH as additional upper-level faculty, and continues to train budding homeopaths seeking a rewarding career in this dynamic, growing field.

Our Philosophy

The focus at Baylight is both classical and innovative, with an emphasis on exercising discernment.  A homeopathic practitioner needs to see clearly what needs to be healed, and also understand how to find the appropriate remedy, in each individual case.  Homeopathic philosophy teaches us that there is a better path to health than fighting disease: that the best way to really heal is from the inside out. With the right catalyst and enough vitality, a body can begin to overcome even the most deep-seated and chronic conditions.

We understand there is intelligence in the design of the human organism, and that there is profound opportunity for healing so long as there is vitality enough to support the process.  And what a process it can be!  Healing through homeopathy is like unfolding out from layers of trauma, hardship and injury.  Our motto, Primum Spiritus Consanetur, meaning "first, may the spirit be healed," reminds us that at the root of any suffering there is an imbalance, and the first step to health is restoring that balance.  A homeopath does not see the symptoms themselves as disease, but rather considers the symptoms as descriptive evidence of disease.  It is in allowing the body, mind, and spirit to move past this state of dis-ease that one may (re)discover true health: freedom, joy, creative expression, and a sense of purpose.

Our Mission

At Baylight Center for Homeopathy, we operate within the framework of classical homeopathy, incorporate innovative ideas and methods in our teaching, and encourage leadership in practice.  In so doing, we work to provide the best homeopathic education possible.

  • We aim to maintain a manageable schedule and workload for students and provide pertinent home study assignments and assessments so each student is aware of their progress.

  • We have an interactive international faculty and guest lecturers eager and willing to encourage and assist aspiring homeopaths throughout their education at Baylight.  The community atmosphere among our students, alumni, and faculty is welcoming and inclusive, and serves as a lasting source of support for our graduates.

  • We believe in the future of homeopathy as a global and humane expression of service in the field of holistic healthcare and the human experience.

When the school opened, I had to be part of it. With Nancy’s guidance, gift for teaching, and capacity to heal, I have grown as both a person and a new homeopathic practitioner.
— Ellen Ulfelder, Pathways For Learning, Class of 2011