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Astrology for Homeopaths
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Join Kelly Callahan, CCH for group clinical supervision sessions on the following Sunday afternoon dates from 2pm-5pm.  Participants will share cases from their own practice, discussing clinical approaches and case-analysis. See below for a full description. These sessions are intended for post-graduate students, however Third-year Baylight students may also participate.  Second-year Baylight students may sit in** starting in January.

     October 2nd                        March 26th              * You MUST sign up ahead of time for any/   
     October 30th                      April 30th
                   all of these sessions you would like to attend! 
     December 4th                     May 21st                     These are first-come, first-serve, and are
     January 8th                         June 11th                    limited to 15 people.
February 5th                                                          
                                                Sessions are $60 each

**Second-year students may participate in the discussion, but may not present cases.

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Your real education as a homeopath begins once you leave the classroom and start taking and managing your own cases.  As a new homeopath, you may find that the templates and tools you acquired as a student feel different in your own hands, and the gaps in your knowledge, understanding, and skills are many. But don’t despair! It is precisely these gaps that provide you the map for becoming a better homeopath.

Sunday Supervision, led by Kelly Callahan CCH, is an opportunity to identify those gaps and the strategies and resources for closing them, coupled with specific instruction as needed.  Each session will be unique and responsive to the cases, issues, and questions brought by participants. The emphasis will be on helping students to put the principles of homeopathy into practice with clarity.

Each session we’ll dive into cases that have been emailed to Kelly previously. Depending on the state of the case: new, follow-up, stuck, etc… we’ll work through the homeopath’s active questions, but also use the case to explore relevant aspects of philosophy, case management, and practice that can be applied to any case.

Some of the topics that will likely come up for discussion:

  • Qualities of good case-taking
  • Evaluating case prognosis
  • Identifying the important symptoms and themes of a case
  • Perceiving what needs to be cured
  • What it really means to be unprejudiced in case taking, analysis, repertorization and remedy selection
  • Meaningful repertorization
  • Follow ups, remedy reactions, aggravations
  • Remedy differentiation
  • Potency selection
  • Managing cases, managing clients, managing a practice

Join your colleagues the first Sunday of each month from 2-5pm at Baylight. Register for each session in advance here; cases must be provided to Kelly at least one week in advance.

Kelly Callahan CCH, has been practicing homeopathy for five years, after graduating from Baylight in 2011. In those five years she identified some of her gaps and sought further education with Jeremy Sherr and eventually the Dynamis School.  Having built a few bridges across those gaps, Kelly is in a unique place to remember and understand clearly the challenges of the first few years of practice, but also has acquired a body of experience, post-graduate education, and self-study that enable her to guide new homeopaths without overwhelming them.

Astrology for Homeopaths with Patricia Maher

How the Birth Chart Can Help Illustrate a Remedy Picture

Homeopath and Master Astrologer Patricia Maher will lead this ground-breaking class to explain how these two venerable bodies of knowledge work together to enhance our work as practitioners. Pat will teach fundamentals of the astrological language and present homeopathic case studies where birth chart pictures helped lead to effective remedy choices. This class is open to practitioners and students of homeopathy and other healing arts who do not necessarily have a deep understanding of astrology. For almost 40 years Pat has practiced Uranian Astrology, a system developed by German homeopath Alfred Witte in the 1930s. Her work as an astrologer provided a solid foundation for her practice of homeopathy, in which she integrates astrological concepts and insights.  An experienced teacher, Pat is a dynamic presenter.

"I have really enjoyed learning about astrology and how it can inform the homeopathic process. As a part of the whole, the [patient's chart] is insight a homeopath should include in their analysis. Pat Maher is a vibrant instructor who clearly has a passion for both astrology and homeopathy and is thrilled to be sharing that with her students. The astrological understanding of my patients I’ve gained through studying with Pat has enabled me to consider and recommend remedies
that provided wonderful results."

~ Dea-Sue Pelletier, Baylight Class of 2012

I’ve known Pat Maher for many years and during that time I have watched her become one of the premier innovative homeopathic prescribers and researchers in North America. I can attest to her excellent grasp of homeopathy yet perhaps her secret weapon is that she is also an expert astrologer. The combination together will prove to be intriguing.

~ Louis Klein, FSHom

This class is open to practitioners and students of homeopathy and other healing arts who are seeking a deeper and applied understanding of astrology.

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Register here!  Space is limited!